Thursday, April 9, 2020

SG 1st League 2020 Wattlespring Shooting Range

21 March 2020, South Gauteng 1st league @ Wattlespring Shooting Range

It was finally time to shoot at the new range! Wind conditions was milder than expected, yet you had to watch the flags very carefully. The slightest pick-up or let-down of the flag tails led to 2-3 rings out - exactly were you aimed :(. There was some rain during the day but overall a good day at the new range. Must say that 2.3m high targets was a unique experience and some plans had to be made for the flags to reach. Will post some range pictures next time - sorry seem to have lost the pics I had.

So, lately I have challenged myself and started shooting air rifle left-handed, mainly because my wife started shooting with me and she is a leftie, so to change up the bench setup is a pain! Some would call it lazy, I call it a challenge :). Rimfire I am still shooting my customary right-handed. For a full list of scores go to,

My personal scores for the day:

RF International Sporter - 244 7-X   FM-16   MQS%- 99.60   Eley 10-X 1019-01018
RF Light Varmint - 239 7-X   FM-5   MQS%-97.16   Lapua Centre-X 27552/607793 Gun: LV1
RF Heavy Varmint - 249 16-X   FM-12   MQS%-100   Eley Match 1019-04072

AR Light Varmint T-1 249 8-X   FM-22 T-2 246 12-X FM-1 - MQS%-99.39   JSB 8.44 12062117
AR Heavy Varmint T-1 249 16-X   FM-8 T-2 249 11-X FM-9 - MQS%-99.59 JSB Monster 13450017


  1. Well done. A good day on the range. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking good Erik , keep pushing the envelope

  3. Jy het ons gewys hoe jy kan skiet... no going back nou. Dit is die scores wst ons moet skiet!!
    Well done