Equipment & Setup

Bench Setup

On the bench:
SEB Mini Front rest
Protektor Model #13B Rabbit Ear Rear bag
Protektor Model Wrist bag
Sinclair Timer (muted)
2x Small towel. I use the towels to place the bolt on and to wipe hands as the wax or oil on the rf ammo and pellets sometimes becomes sticky or slippery and makes it difficult to pick up during the relay.


I use this Mike Ratigan style blades. The black tails is the light tails and yellow is the heavy tails.

My custom built flag stand than can extend up to 2.4m with a light tail.

Leveling feet to easily level the stands.

Stand with a heavy tail.

Custom made bubble level that slides over the bushing that holds the flag.

Wind Indicators

One of the bobbers/wind indicators I use. I use 2 of the custom built bobbers and one purchased from Killough Shooting Sports in the USA.

Range/Flag Setup

This is the flag setup I use for both 50m RF and 25m AR benchrest shooting. I place the 1st flag as close to the bench as I can and the 1st bobber just far enough behind so that the flag tail does not reach the bobber. The 2nd flag is placed +/- 1/4 of the way between bench and target. The 2nd bobber is placed halfway and the 3rd flag 3/4 between the bench and target. The 4th flag is placed just far enough away from the target as not interfere with the target crew to remove and replace the targets. The 3rd bobber is placed just far enough in front of the target so that the flag tail does not reach the bobber. The line of the flags is setup just to the left of target and the bobber just on the right side of the target. Setting it up this way enables me to clearly see all the flags and bobbers even though it does always seem that way looking at my scores.

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