Saturday, April 25, 2020

Lazy, busy week

So this was a lazy feeling week but it was busy, mostly work related. This lockdown is really doing a number on businesses. During all the craziness I have actually managed to get some shooting stuff done. I weighed a tin of pellets for the LV gun - JSB 8,44 batch# 50542518. They weighed in from 8,12gn - 8,66gn with bulk of the tin from 8,3gn - 8,5gn. Will test that once the shooting range opens again.

I also had time to finally change the scopes between to of the RF LV guns, something I have been trying to get done for a while now.

I have also managed to machine some bushings and an extension pipe for the bobber stands to ensure it fits tight and does not swivel the bobber once the wind gets rough and the extension so I can get the bobber high enough on the Wattlespring Range.

I unpacked the bag of goodies and started using it to pack the flag stands and bobber blades to prevent it from scratching, breaking and losing the nuts and bolts.

This is truly a tough time for all and not being able to go shoot and play with shooting gadgets is really insignificant to what most citizens are going through.

Stay safe and healthy, until next time!

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