Monday, September 14, 2020

Covid Fun League 12 September at Wattlespring

 So, we finally got to shoot some competition at last, although it was only a fun day. All the usual 'official' classes was shot on the day and during both the RFLV and the 1st ARLV you had a covid target to shoot in the same 20 minutes as your actual competition target - this was great fun! I managed a 2nd place in the RF and 1st in the AR Covid Shoot.

We were instructed not to shoot the bottom 3 diagrams as it was too low on the target frame and the organisers did not trust us enough after such a long layoff (lol).

The conditions during the day was not too difficult but you had to take care as to when to shoot as the wind was swirling throughout the day. One thing I realised again - you need to practise a bit more as my concentration level was not close to where it should be. I missed a couple of flag direction changes that cost me crucial points. Now that we have dusted off the equipment I know what I need to focus on to do better next time!

We started off with RF I-Sporter. I used Eley 10-X batch# 1019-06115 to test for this match. Not sure about the ammo as this was the first time of propper shooting since early March. The wind switches caught me a couple of times, had a bit of up and down but not too much. Diagrams 11, 12, 13 and 2 was unexpected and then also 3 and 4 where after the first miss I should have gone back to sighter and yet I did not hence the next horrible shot. The card was scored a 231 9X. The X count gives me hope and indicates that I need more practise, well thats my opinion it matters.

With the RFLV I am not to worried about but I am sitting with a problematic decision. I received me new tuner and tube, so should I fit it or is the current setup good and I just need to shoot better?
I lost 7 points on 2 diagrams, yep, you should have heard me! What I can confirm is that both those shots I shot without looking at the flags, on both occasions when I looked up after the shot the flags was in the direct opposite position. The up down not too much of an issue as it breaks the 10-ring in most cases instead of merely touching requiring a plug to verify. The card was scored a 242 11X, again a good X count(for me that is). Ammo used was Eley Match batch# 1019-04072

 The RFHV was no different, had a good start and then I just missed changes and then 2 went out high and instead of checking it on a sighter I shot the second one high in almost the same spot (first dia. 12 then 11). I then noticed the flag change and kept it relative ok, almost missing diagram 8 out low. The card was scored a 245 10X. I also used Eley Match batch# 1019-04072 for the HV card.

Not to much I can say about the air rifles classes that is different from the RF cards. I did not pay enough attention to the flags and was caught wanting on several occasions. The first ARLV card was scored 239 7X and the second 242 5X. I made a lot of wrong decisions in both ARLV and HV, shooting when I should have waited, taking unnecessary chances. Shot both targets with JSB 8.44 batch# 13070019.

 The ARHV was no different - I did not pay enough/any attention to the flags and I missed the 10 multiple times because of it. What I can conform is that I test a new batch of monsters (JSB #36364220) I received recently. I did not have time to weigh and sort so I just shot it from the tin. I am more sure that I missed the conditions that the monsters not working well in my gun. I will go I weigh and sort a tin and then go and do some proper testing. The HV cards scored 245 5X and 237 6X. Not too much I will say about the last HV card.

While checking the video (mostly for bad language comments) I noticed that my flag setup was not done as I do it usually. For a start I forgot 1 set of flag poles at home, secondly the spacing was not correct for I am used to and the third problem was - my front bobber was hiding behind the flag- both should have been placed to right of the target.