Saturday, April 18, 2020

Last week of the first 21 day lockdown

So, the past week has been a busy one. Work responsibilities has kept me going for the most part of the week. At least I can still do work from home.

The time I had when not working was spent sorting out the workshop, and I made some interesting discoveries.

The Midas M rimfire ammo I sort of knew I had. I remember that at some provincial competition in the Freestate I used it and one round suffered head seperation, which caused that shot to print 3 rows low on the target. Imagine aiming at diagram 6 and the shot prints between the box line and the diagram at 21(after that diagram was already shot 10-X). The other older Lapua ammo I have no idea where it came from- don't think I will shoot it though - any of this discovery!

My other discovery was parts for a barrel tuner for an air rifle. After speaking to the local air rifle guru and friend, Hein Frommann, I decided to finish and fit it to the originally intended rifle - Air Arms S400 Classic.

Now, it is not the best attempt but It will have to do for testing. At present we are stuck at home and any attempts at testing this gadget will have to wait until the lockdown is over. My lathe is not a professional one but rather more a hobby lathe. To cut thread on my lathe requires a change of gears and then again for returning to normal machining - so opted for another approach. More on this after I have had a chance to test this gadget.

The kids convinced me to a night of camping the past week, and since we have nothing better to do, we set up camp at home.

I decided to weigh a tin of JSB Monsters so I can test the batch once we are allowed out of our cages. Oh boy, what a nightmare this turned out to be. Within that batch I got a variance from 13,08gn - 13,96gn and the lightest and heaviest was weighed after each other. Now, I still want to find out what effect that will have on accuracy. After this weighing nightmare I decided to rather take up reading so I came across a book on Google Books, Train Your Brain & Mental Strength by Jason Scotts. This a very interesting book that I would recommend.

For the next week I have planned to weigh some pellets for the LV gun and fix some of the bobber stands. As for now I am going to enjoy the swimming pool and later a lekker braai, while enjoying a couple of cold ones!

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